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Notary Public Hayes

Are you in need of reliable notarial services in Hayes, London? Look no further! Notary Public Hayes is here to assist you with a wide range of notarial services, ensuring your documents are legally recognized and accepted both in the UK and abroad.

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Notary Public Hayes, Notary Hayes
notary hayes, notary public hayes, notary west london, notary public west london

Notary Services for Businesses

Prices start from £120

Assignments or registration of trademarks in international

Apostille and legalisation service

Witnessing a power of attorney

Notarisation of company documents

Affidavits, statutory declarations, and sworn

Any other documents for abroad, which require a
notary public certificate

Notary Services for Individuals

Prices start from £70

Copies of passports for example to open a bank account

Witnessing a power of attorney

Certified copies of documents such as exam certificates

Lost passports, share certificates or other documents

Statutory declarations to be made before a notary public

Declarations of single status when getting married

Administer Oaths

Permission for one parent to travel with children

Apostille and legalisations at consulates

Any other documents for abroad, which require a notary public certificate

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Our Services


Services for Businesses

1. Document Authentication for International Business: Verifying the authenticity of corporate documents intended for use overseas.
2. Attesting Corporate Signatures: Witnessing and verifying the signatures of company directors or other authorized signatories.
3. Company Powers of Attorney: Assisting in the preparation and validation of corporate powers of attorney for international use.
4. Certifying Copies of Company Resolutions: Confirming that a copy of a company resolution is a true copy of the original.
5. Apostilles and Legalisation: Securing an apostille or other legalisation for company documents, as required by international authorities.
6. Notarization of Commercial Contracts: Ensuring commercial contracts intended for foreign jurisdictions are appropriately authenticated.
7. Incorporation and Business Formation Documents: Notarizing documents related to the formation or incorporation of a business in another country.


Services for Individuals

1. Document Authentication: Confirming the authenticity of documents for international use.
2. Taking Affidavits, Declarations, and Depositions: Receiving sworn statements for legal purposes.
3. Witnessing and Attesting Signatures: Ensuring that the signatory of a document is who they say they are and that they sign willingly.
4. Certifying Copy Documents: Confirming that a copied document is a true copy of the original.
5. Preparation of Notarial Certificates: Providing official notarial statements to accompany authenticated documents.

Legalisation – Apostille

Legalisation – Apostille: Apostille Procedure in England
The Apostille is a certification provided under the Hague Convention of 1961 for authenticating documents for use in foreign countries. Its primary purpose is to simplify the process by which a document issued in one signatory country can be certified for legal purposes in another.

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