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Private Clients:

1. Q: What is a notary public? A: A notary public is a qualified legal professional who verifies and certifies signatures and documents for international use.

2. Q: Why do I need notary services? A: If you have documents intended for use outside the UK, they often need to be notarized for acceptance by foreign authorities.

3. Q: How do I schedule an appointment? A: You can book an appointment by contacting our office via phone or email.

4. Q: What identification should I bring? A: Please bring a current, valid passport and a recent utility bill or bank statement showing your address.

5. Q: How much do notary services cost? A: Service fees vary depending on your specific requirements. Please contact our office for a detailed quote.

6. Q: How long does the notarization process take? A: A standard appointment typically takes about 30 minutes, but the duration can vary based on the complexity of the document.

7. Q: What’s the difference between a notary and a solicitor? A: While both are legal professionals, a notary specializes in authenticating documents and signatures for international use.

8. Q: Do you provide mobile notary services? A: We do offer mobile services in certain cases. Please inquire directly about availability.

9. Q: Can you translate foreign documents? A: We can arrange for translation services, but we recommend providing an official translation if available.

10. Q: What if my document is electronic? A: We can handle electronic documents, but they might require additional steps, such as printing and authentication.

11. Q: Do I need an apostille? A: An apostille certifies a notary’s signature for international use. The need for one depends on the destination country of the document.

12. Q: How can I obtain an apostille? A: We can guide you through the apostille process or provide services to obtain it on your behalf.

13. Q: What is a “notarial act”? A: A notarial act is an official certification by a notary to verify signatures, authority, or capacity concerning a document.

14. Q: Can you notarize copies? A: Yes, we can certify true copies of original documents.

15. Q: Do you provide services on weekends? A: Our standard hours are on weekdays, but weekend appointments might be available upon request.

16. Q: Can a notary provide legal advice? A: While a notary can offer guidance on the notarization process, they should not replace legal counsel for specific legal advice.

17. Q: Is my information confidential? A: Absolutely, client confidentiality is a top priority for us.

18. Q: Can you notarize my educational certificates? A: Yes, we can notarize and certify educational documents.

19. Q: How do I prepare for my appointment? A: Bring the necessary identification, the document(s) needing notarization, and any relevant instructions or requirements.

20. Q: What happens if I miss my appointment? A: Please contact our office to reschedule. Depending on our policy, there might be a fee for missed appointments without prior notice.

Corporate Clients:

1. Q: What corporate documents can you notarize? A: We can notarize various corporate documents, including Articles of Association, international contracts, and powers of attorney.

2. Q: Do you offer corporate discounts? A: We offer competitive pricing for corporate clients, especially for bulk work. Please contact us for specific details.

3. Q: Can you come to our business location for notarization? A: Yes, we offer on-site notary services for corporate clients upon request.

4. Q: How do we verify our company’s identity? A: Typically, we require a certificate of incorporation, details of directors, and proof of the registered office address.

5. Q: Can you notarize electronic contracts or agreements? A: Yes, we can handle electronic documents, but additional steps might be involved.

6. Q: What’s the difference between attestation and notarization? A: While both validate document authenticity, notarization specifically involves a notary and is geared towards international use.

7. Q: Do you handle mergers and acquisitions documentation? A: Yes, we can notarize M&A documents for international transactions.

8. Q: How do we prepare for a corporate notary appointment? A: Have all relevant corporate documents ready, proof of the authority of the individual representing the company, and any specific instructions.

9. Q: Do you provide services outside of standard office hours? A: We can arrange appointments outside standard hours for corporate clients, depending on availability.

10. Q: Can you assist with international business expansions? A: We can notarize necessary documents for international expansions but recommend consulting with legal professionals for expansion strategies.

11. Q: How are fees determined for corporate notarization? A: Fees are based on the complexity and volume of documents. Please contact us for a detailed estimate.

12. Q: Can you handle large volumes of documents? A: Yes, we are equipped to manage bulk notarization needs for corporate clients.

13. Q: How long do you retain copies of notarized documents? A: We retain copies in accordance with regulatory requirements, typically for a specified number of years.

14. Q: Is our corporate information secure with you? A: Absolutely. We adhere to stringent data protection standards to ensure client confidentiality.

15. Q: Do you provide apostille services for corporate documents? A: Yes, we can guide or manage the apostille process for corporate documents.

16. Q: How soon can you schedule a notary session for our business? A: We strive for prompt service. Depending on availability, we aim to schedule sessions as soon as possible.

17. Q: What if our representative cannot be physically present? A: In some cases, we might be able to facilitate remote verification, but physical presence is generally recommended.

18. Q: Can you notarize documents in foreign languages? A: We can, but it’s advisable to provide an official English translation to ensure accuracy.

19. Q: Do you collaborate with legal counsels during the notarization process? A: If required, we can work alongside your legal counsel to ensure all documents meet both notarial and legal standards.

20. Q: Can you handle last-minute notary requests? A: We strive to accommodate urgent requests, but availability might vary. It’s always best to schedule in advance.

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