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Notary Services for Business

1. Document Authentication for International Business: Verifying the authenticity of corporate documents intended for use overseas.
2. Attesting Corporate Signatures: Witnessing and verifying the signatures of company directors or other authorized signatories.
3. Company Powers of Attorney: Assisting in the preparation and validation of corporate powers of attorney for international use.
4. Certifying Copies of Company Resolutions: Confirming that a copy of a company resolution is a true copy of the original.
5. Apostilles and Legalisation: Securing an apostille or other legalisation for company documents, as required by international authorities.
6. Notarization of Commercial Contracts: Ensuring commercial contracts intended for foreign jurisdictions are appropriately authenticated.
7. Incorporation and Business Formation Documents: Notarizing documents related to the formation or incorporation of a business in another country.
8. Verification of Company Credentials: Confirming the validity of company details, such as its registration number, registered address, or directors.
9. Property and Land Transactions Overseas: Assisting companies in the notarization of documents related to purchasing, selling, or leasing property abroad.
10. Corporate Affidavits, Declarations, and Depositions: Preparing or witnessing official corporate statements for international use.
11. Mergers and Acquisitions Documentation: Authenticating documents related to corporate mergers or acquisitions intended for foreign jurisdictions.
12. Joint Venture Agreements: Notarizing documents related to partnerships or joint ventures with foreign entities.
13. Intellectual Property Assignments: Notarizing the assignment or licensing of patents, trademarks, or copyrights internationally.
14. Board Minutes and Corporate Resolutions: Authenticating the minutes of board meetings or resolutions for foreign verification.
15. Share Issues or Transfer for Overseas Companies: Notarizing documents related to the issuance or transfer of company shares to or from foreign entities.
16. Distributorship Agreements: Notarizing agreements related to the appointment of distributors in foreign countries.
17. Bank and Financial Documents: Assisting with the notarization of documents like bank guarantees or letters of credit for overseas transactions.
18. Company Loan or Finance Agreements: Ensuring the correct notarization of financing agreements intended for international use or scrutiny.
19. Franchise Agreements for Foreign Operations: Notarizing franchise agreements for companies intending to expand their operations overseas.
20. Employee Verification for Overseas Assignments: Assisting with the notarization of employment-related documents for staff being assigned or transferred to foreign locations.

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