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Legalisation – Apostille: Apostille Procedure in England

1. Document Authentication: Confirming the authenticity of documents for international use.
2. Taking Affidavits, Declarations, and Depositions: Receiving sworn statements for legal purposes.
3. Witnessing and Attesting Signatures: Ensuring that the signatory of a document is who they say they are and that they sign willingly.
4. Certifying Copy Documents: Confirming that a copied document is a true copy of the original.
5. Preparation of Notarial Certificates: Providing official notarial statements to accompany authenticated documents.
6. Powers of Attorney: Assisting with the preparation and validation of powers of attorney for international use.
7. Consent to Travel Letters: Notarizing letters for minors traveling abroad without both parents.
8. Property Transactions Overseas: Assisting individuals buying or selling property abroad by ensuring all paperwork is appropriately witnessed and validated.
9. Verification of Translated Documents: Ensuring the accuracy of translated documents and affixing the necessary notarial seal.
10. Notarization of Academic Certificates: Certifying the authenticity of academic credentials for use overseas.
11. Attesting Execution of Documents: Confirming the proper execution of documents meant for other jurisdictions.
12. Lost Passports & Birth Certificates: Assisting in the notarization of documents to support the reissue of lost passports or birth certificates.
13. Immigration Sponsorship Declarations: Notarizing declarations of individuals sponsoring immigrants for visas, residency, or citizenship.
14. Notarization of Medical Reports: Ensuring medical reports for international use or insurance claims are authenticated.
15. Change of Name Documentation: Assisting individuals in notarizing documents related to legal name changes.
16. Purchase or Sale of Land & Property Abroad: Certifying and witnessing documents related to overseas land transactions.
17. Single Status Affidavits: Notarizing statements asserting an individual’s single status, often for the purpose of getting married abroad.
18. Company Documents for Overseas Businesses: Assisting individuals setting up or operating businesses overseas by notarizing necessary documents.
19. Life Certificate for Pensioners: Verifying the identity and existence of pensioners, often required by overseas pension authorities.
20. Notarization of Will and Testament: Assisting with the notarization of wills and testaments that are intended for execution in another jurisdiction.

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